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Aug 25, 2013 8:00pm EDT
? one of the most dangerous in america -- one of the most dangerous woman in america. that is know what about. >> it is from the security matters group. >> i don't remember what it was about. but if you are spending your time before the huntington post to my was at the center for mac and i was working on a blog "think progress." it was a progressive blog. we would rebuff what politicians and pundits were saying and we didn't always make people happy. >> i looked at some of the advisors on family security matters. a lot of names i didn't recognize. your 10th on the list good to want to show you some video that was recorded a few months ago and longtime veteran reporter for cbs and 60 minutes, basically talking about old media versus new media and the meet your take on this. [video clip] citizen and journalism. you need to work within certain discipline. i think many of these others give the real thing a very bad name. because now everybody is on the internet. one of the problems i have with in terms of reading -- everything looks as valid as "the new york times," whether it is the typefa
Aug 7, 2013 7:00pm EDT
since the reagan administration was taking a regional approach to central america, the response should be regional. they didn't share that point view, so i moved on. >> host: who was paying for that at the time? >> guest: i department get paid i was a volunteer. >> host: i don't mean you. all the organizations. i want to know if you can tell us where the money comes from? >> guest: i think it was all donation. i really don't know since i was a volunteer. i wasn't involved in the administration. >> host: who -- cared about them back then? >> guest: on the reagan side, as you'll remember, he was drawing the line against communism, pretty much anywhere he could. in the view of his administration,ing in nicaragua was the -- of course cuba is a never-ending thorn in the side of american politics, and el salve door, the revolutionary -- they were overthrown and on the reagan side they wanted to drop a line against communist and it was in central america. i don't understand i was a -- i was a hippy out of the '60s and '70s. my first protest was vafm. when i learned that the u.s. was interveni
Aug 18, 2013 8:00pm EDT
plenty of valet parking! -- in america's gilded capital." >> mark leibovitch, author of own," i want to show you some video and get you to comment on it. chartered a boat. -- they chartered a bus to take some visitors. i cannot tell you the last time i heard the words henry kissinger and greyhound bus in the same sentence. they wandered onto the wrong bus and ended up in a promise keepers rally in arlington, virginia. [laughter] but the marriage is obviously going very well indeed. spina bifida roast, in 1997. what did you see in that clip you my comments on? >> nothing. it is andrea mitchell who was a terrific journalist. you cannot emphasize that enough. it looked -- just seeing that right now -- it looked like a jokesly washington event. are told. looks like a lot of comedy. >> anything wrong with that? really.ot i think the reference he was making was to andrea mitchell and alan greenspan's wedding that had been held around then. they are a power couple. andrea mitchell is a great journalist. alan greenspan is one of our most powerful economic minds in the last decade. it is an i
Aug 19, 2013 7:00pm EDT
on the website so people could -- let me start out with the first -- set the mood as you write, america's leaders aren't leading and the damage is mounting. citizens have complained for years about washington's scabbling children, they would stamp their feet and resolve moment -- momentous issues. >> host: momentous issues. the games are child issue but the resulting suffering is serious. pick it up from there. what did you -- i named nine things you wanted to change after the election. >> guest: that's right. we are in a situation we haven't been in before. we are facing fiscal disaster. and that's not an overdramatic term. you can look at these charts they're easy to find online. i encourage people to do a little search. congressional budget office treasury. you don't have to go extremist groups. we are facing fiscal disaster. the debt of the united states, the budget of the united states on the current trajectory is going to bankrupt the country. if we don't do something. >> host: what is the worst thing that can
Aug 25, 2013 11:00pm EDT
't know where you read that? >> on the internet. >> one of the most dangerous women in america. >> i made it on to a list. i don't remember what it was about. >> the family security matters group. >> i vaguely remember that. i don't remember what it was about. if you -- spending your time before i was at huffington post, i was at the center for american progress and i was working on the blog, think progress there. it's a progressive blog. we would often a lot of times rebut what conservatives blogs or politicians or pundits were saying. and that didn't always make people happy. and apparently that made me evil. i looked up a lot of advisors. you're in the company of code pink. you're the tenth on the list. long time veteran reporter from 60 minutes, old media versus the new media and get your take on this. >> i was talking about the so-called cynicism. journalism. i said i would have address the citizens as much. you need to work within discipline, within certain discipline. and i think the matt drudges and these -- many of these others give the real thing a very bad name. because now eve
Aug 19, 2013 6:00am EDT
in washington, serving america for 50 years. this is a mutual radio network. >> this is barry manilow. i've written a lot [inaudible] [indiscernible] >> all right. [inaudible] >> we're falling into delay, right? >> yes. >> what happened to tammy haddad? >> she doesn't have the white streak in the middle of her hair, which is their -- her trademark now. she is a longtime producer for larry king. she is a dynamo. she worked with chris matthews for a while. she and chris parted company around 2008. tammy reinvented herself as a for a purpose -- full purpose convener. she does a lot of consulting for media companies. it's not entirely clear what she does. she does seem to have a video component. she produces things. she is everywhere. she is someone who has made washington work for her. she would say that she is an insider, she just likes to bring people together. she has been a very successful business woman. >> have you heard from her in how you portrayed her in this book? >> i portray her accurately, i think. everyone is entitled to their own story about themselves. i have not heard from
Aug 8, 2013 7:00pm EDT
. for example and jack abramoff came into my office and said i have an amendment for the help america vote act he said members of the senate were injured in -- interested in this. i is a member of the house said very clearly to jack abramoff that i would consider this amendment which is my felony for the considering of an amendment. the other thing is that if the senate wanted this amendment of course. if senators want that amendment and it doesn't ruin my bill i would consider it. at that point in time we didn't have an actual amendment and that in itself is a problem to just generically consider something that the lobbyists want and to say yes i will consider that than i think that is in a problem in itself. but the bright line is when we received a member of my staff received an e-mail, and it said if you want to go to jack's restaurant and if you want to eat and drink myself in the office of the staff would take responsibility that none of us were going then it's going to be taken care of. whether it's by jack or my former staff or whoever whatever lobbyists. that was the crossing of the b
Aug 4, 2013 11:00pm EDT
. latin america, of course. isabella -- queen isabella the indians all of were human beings and that they were not to be treated badly even if they were. a curse that runs through history. and is being rectified. a long time. >> louise saah katherine adams, quincy adams' wife. >> what a pain in the neck. she was beautifully educated, raised in england, married to a merchant. a merchant named johnson. and she and john quincy married. a stiff upper lip guy who had been pushed into the diplomatic service by his teenager. a and he was a very unbending haracter, but, of course, a greatly moral character. a good politician. and she -- she spent half of her didn't love her and complaining about things and et apparently a gracious, lovely hostess. she was musical and all. but she wrote a long strange in the white house telling how her husband had never loved her. >> who saw that? i don't know. it was in her -- it's in her papers. -- she's -- a strange neurotic sort of a woman. >> what do you think he would been like personally? >> he would have been a bear. she would have had to hav
Aug 9, 2013 7:00pm EDT
. this is three hours. >> host: what does america owe blacks? >> guest: well, it owes them an acknowledgment of what happened. we don't like to talk about that in the states. even blast history month. there's a truncated version of what woodson had in mind. now it starts in slavely and moves forward
Aug 18, 2013 11:00pm EDT
of valet parking in america's guildled capitol. promise keeper's rally in arlington,s virginia you may recall. but the marriage is obviously going very, very well indeed. >> spina bifida rose 1997, spina bifida rose for the al hunt judy woodruff child. what did you see in that clip? you might comment on? >> nothing, andrea mitchell is a terrific journalist, you can't emphasize that enough. just seeing that right now, it just looked like a very friendly almost clubby washington event. jokes are told that looked like a lot of comedy. that's what i saw. >> anything wrong with that? >> no, not really. >> talking -- i think the reference they were making was andrea mitchell and al greenspan's wedding that had been held around then. look, they're a power couple. andrea mitchell is a great journalist and alan greenspan is one of the most powerful economic minds and forces in the last few decades. 's an interesting dynamic. had the crossover in the friendship between professional and social life and so forth. >> you write in there for instance, chris dodd, a senator then, now works for the pro
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)